Fine, let's be FAKE friends.

I knew where this was going.

He would send me a message saying

Um.. Hi?

I would sent back

Hey there.

There would then be very little converstion untill one of us could muster up to either say wuu2? or U ok?

There were two ways I could go with it. I could ... Oh my god he's said something. No I didn't even have time to think about what I was going to say.

Hey Hun.

He called me HUN? I might aswell type what I was thinking.


No reply. Real mature. Oh god its saying hes writing a message.

Jeesh I could of made myself a sandwitch by now, and hes Still typing.


What? All that typing amounted to the word sorry? Maybe he was feeling bad about it. Oh joy he's writing again.

Look I'm sure you can understand right? Your a smart girl.

Well I couldn't exactly yell at him with that could I.

I'm ok with it honest.

Why did I say that I am clearly not ok!

Knew you would come round babe.

Jeesh what a sleeze.

Anyway Kyle is here. I got to go baby.

I sighed. He couldn't even make time to apologise to me. What had happened to the sweet guy I had known?

Oh right. Well speak another time then.

With that he went offline. I thought about loging off and sitting infront of the TV with a tub of Ben and Jerry's. I decided against it and stayed online.

It also meant I couldn't block him. He thinks we are freinds now. Great going.

The End

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