Maybe it wasn't so smart for him to tell me to talk to him

it may get nasty,

when cat and dogs fight,  it can get bad.

i reread the message,


it sounds like he's acusing me of being imature,

he's the guy that was dating two girls at once!

sure, i'll talk,

or cuss.

pick up my phone, then drop it as the lights go out,


i go to pick it up and realize it's broken.

even better

i go through my options,

  • can't talk to him online
  • can't talk to him on the phone

hmm.... how else.... face to face!

fumble for my keys and then scrawl my mum a quick note.

head for my car, and then have the bejeesus scared out of me when a cat runs by.

i'm half way there when my car breaks down.

could the night get better


up pulls some old creepy guy

just my luck

"what's the problem, toots" asks a raspy voice

" i'm not your toots, got it?"

off speeds my way out.

The End

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