Quick, sign in again before he sees!

I hurridly click on "sign in" in a desperate hope he hadn't noticed I was offline for even a second. I sit and chew my nails as those two patronizing blue and green blob-men spin around and around eachother.

'Aw, c'mon!' I yell at the screen, pounding the computer. The patronizing blob men continue to taunt me in their never ending "loading" spin.

I chew my nails harder, my eyes flickering from the small clock digits in the corner of my screen to the MSN window, beads of sweat forming on my forehead.

C'mon, c'mon. He's totally going to think I'm ignoring him.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Hurry up!

After what seems like hours, the patronizing blob men freeze mid spin. 'What?' I scream at the screen. 'What is happening here?' The screen taunts me in its motionless state.

Suddenly, a message pops up unexpectadley in a new window.

Error no. 0039286, the message read. MSN could not sign you in at this time. Please consult our help guide for further information.

The End

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