You have one new message from....


Joy of Joys hes heard about us breaking up.

"Hey hot stuff" God what a jerk. Oh and great it wont let me block him. I was really not in the mood to reply.

"Heard he ditched you" Ugh, Block Block BLOCK!! No matter how many times I click the button it is not responding.

"You just gonna not reply or you gonna talk to me and have some fun."  He had a point I do need to relax. I wasn't up or the fun he wanted but I could relax talking to him.

"Hi."  I feebly attempt.

"Well finally. I notice when I mention fun you reply. Little Ho you =P"

"I replied cause I need to relax."

"Well he obviously isn't good enough then ;)"

I laughed. I don't know why but it made me laugh. Maybe I was just desperate to smile. Youv'e got to be to even consider talking with Liam. I'm pretty sure he has a girlfreind anyhow.

"look you obviously need conforting tonight. You wanna come round we could go out somewhere?"

"Don't you have a girlfreind?"

"Yeh, so? you comming round or not."

The End

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