A groveling apology

I text a reply apologising for being so stupid. Explaining my mistake. This meant he still hadnt got my text.

Maybe I should msn him. He didn't really deserve my credit anyway. I would leave him the message while he was offline and then block him so he couldn't get back to me.

The more I read the text to more I hated him. How could I have ever seen anything in him. Well I supose he had been sweet and so.. I don't know. Interesting I guess he was always so flirty. Normally by text we didn't really speak to much in school him being the year above me.

I supose it was now time to remove/block/deleat him on all my social networking sites and such.

Going on msn I attepmt to leave him the message.

Dam hes online. He will have seen me logging in aswell. If I went ofline now that would be pathetic.

The End

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