John knows exactly how to cheer me up.

After crying for what seemed like hours; changing from depression to anger, my phone rang. Good, so he should be ringing, begging to come back to me, begging for my forgiveness-

The caller i.d said it was John. I laughed to myself, ofcourse it was John. He had this sort of sixth sense thing going on, where he knew exactly when to ring. Always knowing when I needed to be cheered up.

 Pressing on the answer button, I placed my mobile to my ear,
"Hey, I know you had plans today, but ple-ea-ase come see the new The Final Destination movie; I hear it's even crapper than the others. Oh, oh-  and guess what? We can even watch the gore up close and personal 'cause it's in 3D! They changed those dorky red and blue paper things to these black plastic ones, I bet I'd look fit in them, you know what with my- Uh hello? Is anyone there? Ok, tell me what's up?" He asked, clearly worried about my silence.

"Nothing," I smiled, because for now, nothing was up with me.

"You do not expect me to believe that crap do you?"

"Maybe..." I grinned, lying back on my bed,

"Okay you have two choices, either I'm meeting you in town or I'm coming to yours now..."

The End

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