So here I am. Crying. In my pit of despair.

I sniffed into one of the many used tissues that now littered my duvet cover, and pulled the cover over my head. What did I do wrong? Was I boring him, should I have been funnier, or was it just my general personality (or lack of personality, as the case may be)? Was I not his type? We had been sort of going out for ages, so did it really take him that long to figure out that I am not the best candidate for a girlfriend (or for his girlfriend)? 

I spent the next half-an-hour trying to imagine what she looked like, and then coming to the conclusion that she was either a) a leggy blonde, had a pretty face or was generally gorgeous, with no brain,
b) ugly but extremely hilarious and really nice or c) an older woman. I would like to think she was fat, and had a beard. But this is the real world.  

The End

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