But then I suppose you should have seen my reply.

It took me a good fifteen mintues of my time to angrily stab a reply out of my poor excuse of a mobile phone. I was so caught up in a whirl of red rage, that by the time I had jabbed the "Send" button, all rationality had  flown out of the window.

No wonder he didn't reply quickly. I wasn't sure if I got the tone of voice in my text exactly right, but I wasn't going to let that bother me now. He'd been told.

Three hours and seven mugs of tea later, my phone emitted a high pitched, irritating trill, annoucning a new message had arrived. I had greedily snatched it up and pressed "Read."

It was from my startled aunt, Anita. In her text, she explained how she was very shocked at my reaction, and that there was no need to be so rude to an elderly lady.

I could almost see my name being struck off her will at that very moment.

The text hadn't replied to the sender. Instead, I had stupidly opened a new message, and sent it blindly to the first person on my contacts list. Anita.

The End

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