Across a flat desert glowing orange from the low sun, a motorbike roared humbly along a lone road, dragging up dust in it's wake.
The coral tinged clouds acted as a warning that the night was approaching soon.

A middle aged looking man with weary eyes under his helmet and grey-ish skin under the leather he was wearing was riding the motorbike.
He was well built, he could definitely be intimidating, but not so huge that he couldn't easily pull off a kindly demeanour.
If he had not been wearing a helmet, it would have been clearly visible that he was worried, confused, and contemplating something with a great intensity.
In his right pocket were the remains of around 10 winning lottery tickets, with 3 numbers correct on each.

He was looking for someone.

Usually he could find people easily, usually he just knew where anyone he wanted to find was, the person he was looking for, however, was different to usual people.
The man on the motorbike was worried.  He didn't usually look for knowledge in the future, apart from the occasional modest £10 prize for a 3 number lottery ticket.
He had innocently looked for something else recently, nothing at all really, just a few days into the future, to see if he would be safe to visit a volcanoe for a day, but he saw nothing.

There was nothing there in 3 days time.

At first he had thought he must be dying, which he wasn't all too worried about, he had lived a long life.
He then remembered the experiences of others, that seeing after your death provides you with the last image you ever saw.  He couldn't have had his eyes closed, he would have seen blackness, what he saw was nothing.
There was only really one other option, that someone was going to find out about him and the others, and once they understood, it would be lost, for all of them.

He knew you couldn't change time, but he wasn't going to let that stop him trying, he wasn't about to allow all the work him and the others had been doing, and everything they were, just end.
He had checked up on all of the others, he would have talked to them all for months if there wasn't such a time constraint.
He had decided against telling the others about what was going on, they would just discourage him, they were all more passive than he.
Then he tried to find one of them, and couldn't, this was worrying, usually a system was in place for finding each other, and although there were cases when they preferred privacy for long periods of time, it was suspicious enough to warrent investigating, it could have something to do with what was happening.

So he rode along the road, trying to find his brother, Jack Engel.


"Pardon?" Engel said.

"You heard me." Beaton replied, "Who came 3rd in the world cup in 1998?"

"Aren't you tired of this game?  Haven't my abilities already been well established?"

"Why are you not telling me now though, it's the hat isn't it!" yelled Beaton accusingly.

Engel chuckled.  "No, it's not the hat, Croatia came third."

"What about in 2002, who came third then?"

"Turkey, your wife's Turkish isn't she?"

Beaton restrained himself from flinching.  "And after that?"



"Germany again."

"And then?" Beaton said with a suspicious enthusiasm.

"Polan-".  Engel cut himself off just a moment too late, chocking on his own stupidity, how could he have fallen for that!

"AHA!" yelled Beaton.  "How the hell do you know who comes third in 2014?"

Engel's brain stammered furiously trying to think of a way out of this, but it was too late, his own shock had let him down, his expression said it all.

Beaton laughed and smirked at this victory.
There was a light knocking at the door.  Beaton swiftly moved over and lent down, Engel only heard whispers.

A woman in a pony tail and lab coat on the other side of the door whispered through to Beaton.
"We have the results of his blood test, but there's something else, there's a man here by the name of Frederic Lufus asking for him."

"I see, well, show him in, sit him down, and leave him for a while, if Engel wasn't lying about what he said before, this could just be someone he has chugged up a lot of knowledge about.  Now, the blood tests, what are your results?"

Engel heard only whispers, he was still in shock at how easily he had been foiled into revealing something very dangerous.

Beaton stood up and walked back over to Engel, this time with the smirk on the other side of his face.
"Well, we have the results of your blood test" he said, grinning.

The End

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