As Engel began to regain consciousness, he could just make out the blurred outline of Marcus Beaton, crouched at the locked door, barely audible whispers coming through the haze of oxygen deprivation.  They were talking about something to do with a phone call, he heard his name mentioned a few times.  As he tried to straighten himself in the chair, Engel felt a painful aching in his right arm.  He looked across the room where Beaton was now passing a small reddish vile through a thick rectangular slit in the door, which promptly slammed shut.  He deduced that they must have taken a sample of his blood, and so he dismissed the pain from his mind.

Beaton got up and walked across the room to Engel, pushing his own chair aside, choosing to stand this time with his arms crossed.  He pulled a smug smile and relaxed slightly.  "You cheated" he said with glee.

Engel sat slightly confused, though didn't show it, pondering what Beaton could mean.

Beaton's posture and expression changed, he unfolded his arms and pulled a more sinister look.  "When did you contact my wife" he continued, all smugness gone now, but a very strong air of arrogance.

Engel gave a slight sigh of realisation.  "Oh, I see" he said smiling.  "Well, I don't know what to tell you, I've never met her".

"She just phoned here, asking for  YOU!" Beaton said, becoming frustrated.

"It happens", replied Engel in a serious tone.  "You learn a lot about someone, they want to know more about you, I suppose, you did make me talk an awful lot about your wife, though, it would usually take more than that, your wife must be quite a friendly person".  Engel smiled.

Beaton now stood with a puzzled expression, wondering whether this could be true, or if it was some sort of game or trick to confuse him further.  "That doesn't make any sense, how could she have even known you were here?" he replied after a few moments.

"How did I know anything about her?" replied Engel.  "Fine, fine.  If you want my opinion..." he continued, shaking his head.  "They...  follow the trail back to the source."

"I'm not buying it" Beaton said.  "Your still not explaining how any of this works, and you damned well better start explaining, or we are going to be here for a long time."

"Fine with me, I can do long times" Engel replied with a smirk.

"You've spent a lot of time in jail then?" asked Beaton curiously.

"Oh no no no." laughed Engel.  "Tell me, have you ever been to Muktinath?  It's a beautiful place, in the Rasuwa district, such a wonderful view of the mountains."

"You tell me" Beaton replied.

Engel opened his mouth to speak, his eyes widened slightly for a brief moment, before he relaxed back into his chair and smiled.  "I don't know everything" he said.

"What?  You know about people though, you knew all those things about my wife but you don't even know if I visited some mountains?!" Beaton shouted heartily.

"I can't have knowledge about people that are directly affecting me, it's one of my few limits." Engel said, hiding his confusion.  Although this was true, usually he would still have a sense of something about them, or at least a sense of something blocking him.  In this case, there was just nothing, he knew absolutely nothing about this man in front of him, he found it very strange, though it intrigued him.

"Well," Beaton began, "looks like I have the upper hand then."

"If you say so."

The End

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