O.k Beaton thought, feeling more and more uneasy, as Jack spat out more information about his private affairs by the second.

"She wants to have three kids. Two boys and a girl. You are not to shure, because you are scared of getting twins. Her fauvourite colour is Yel..."

"That is enough." Beaton snapped, getting another image of Jack looking through his wifes unwear again, His uneasiness turning into anger again. "How do you know all that? That is confidentially between me and her."

"Do you really want to know how I know?" Jack asked.

Beaton is uneasy at his tone but goes ahead anyway. "Yes"

"Aint tellin' maty" Jack replies, sensing Beaton losing it again and wondering what he will do this time.

Beaton says nothing but picks up the rope that had been lying on the floor and walks behind Jack.

Jack  twist around as much as he can but still con not see Beaton. He begins to get a bit nervouse not really wanting to be strangled again. "You don't want to know. Honestly" He says trying but failing to keep the nervousnes out of his voice.

"Not so kocky know are we?" Beaton replies smugly.

"Well I'm not really in the mood for talking right know and how I know that is a long story." Jack says.

"Well we have time don't we?" Beatonn says in a calm voice.

"Well I told you before I don't know how I know it just comes to me." 

"That isn't a long story is it? And you better find ou quick." Beaton said and then tightened the rope around his neck.

Oh not this again Jack thought and then tried to say "Well I don't know so how can I tell you?" but all that came out was a couple of coughts. Well at least ill die without having to tell him anything Jack thought  just before he blackedout.

The End

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