Interogation BeginsMature

"Yes, Mr Engel, I would like to know, but not just yet. If you tell us what we want to  know you can go to the little cottage without expiriencing any pain." replied Beaton.

Engel decided to remain silent.

"Well?" asked Beaton expectatly.

"Well what?" replied Engel decidingtobe ignorant rather than play along.

"How do you know as much? How does it come to you?" Beaton said unable to hide his anger.

"I don'tknow and eithen if I did do you think I would tell you?" Said Engel

"I do not want to do this but you give me no choice" Replied Beaton with a hint of saddness in his voice. Beaton walked over so he was behind Engel and then folded the long peice of rope and placed it around Jack Engel's throat!

"Now tell me how you know as much or else" at each sylablle Beaton tightened the rope around Jacks throat.

"I...Don't... Know...and...i...won'" gasped Jack as he felt the rope slowly tighening around his throat. Jack then thaught it's fine he won't kill me because hewon't get anything from me if i'm dead, so I could pretend to faint from lack of breath!

That is exactly what he did and Beaton loosened the rope automatically muttering "What have I done? Oh no I will be in so much trouble! Oh please don't be dead"

Right then there was a knock on the green door and the voice of a woman came through "Marcus? Marcus? You kneed to come up to the lab doctor Denish needs you"

"Okay I will be right there" Replied Beaton, and then to Jack "I will be back and you will tell me what you know." He then left the room to follow the girl.

"Jack opened his eyes and moved his head aound as best he could and then gave a big sigh. At least thats over for the now he tought and then looked at his bonds trying to find a way out.  

The End

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