The testsMature

As the large man stepped into the room, Beaton stepped out. He close the door behind him and instructed the guard to listen closely.

He then walked on down the corridor and into one of the labs.

"Jullie. Found anything on Engels blood test? And who's is the one I was shown?" he asked as Jullie Rings turned to face him.

"No. It is completely normal. A positive. No drugs not even pain killers! And I gave you the other guys blood." she said smiling sweetly.

"absolutely nothing?"Beaton sounded incredulous. Unbelievingly. "but he just told me who wins third in 2014!" he murmured.

"How do you know he is being truthful? It could be luck." Jullie said.

"do we have a lie detector to spare?" Beaton asked suddenly, his eyes lighting at the prospect.

"Whitch one?" Jullie asked.

"The one witht he electric shots." Beaton said one side of his mouth lifting in a sneer.

"Yup. I will bring one in when he has finished with his visitor. Will he be allowed to leave?" Jullie asked as Beaton got up to leave.

"Of course not. I am going to kill him right now." Beaton said lightly as he walked back out the door picking up a large metal bar on the way...

The End

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