Jack bit his lip as he tried not to laugh. It failed, he started laughing. He was laughing so hard that when Beaton came down from the chair and whacked him in the stomach he kept on laughing. A yell from outside made him shut up. 


" I don't care if he's I'll! I want to see him or else you will see what hell is like" 


Beaton ran over to the door opened it, and then nodded to whoever was looking in. "time to see your visitor" he then told Jack who instantly sobered up when thebolts were drawn back and Beaton stepped aside and let  alarge muscley man step in. Beaton stepped outside and locked the door behind him. Leaving Jack looking curiously at what he could see of his visitor. 

Hiss vsitor was looking all over the room and a couple seconds later, he knelt down beside Jackand whisperedin his ear

"There ae six camera plotted around the room, there are two guards, both with tranqualisers standing outside and who knows how many more around th building. Its going to be kind of tricky to get you out of here sefely" Jack stared at the man open mouthed. He had no idea who this man was and he couldnt get inside his head either. Suddenly Jack had a thought.

is there something wrong with my powers?

The End

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