Guys Night!Mature


I smiled as Caitlin and Luna went to see a sick Crimson. How, and why was she sick? I shrugged to myself, and watched Alex go to the cupboards, pulling out human vodka, Angel Blood wine, and an assortment of shots.

"Hey, 'know what would be a laugh? We could go find Steven and have a guy's night! We call your room, the girls call Luna's, it'll be a blast! I could go get Steven...and maybe he could score a Demon girl..."


I nodded at Callum, who had yanked Steve into the room. I clapped him over his bare back, and grinned at him. We went to my room. I groned as I saw the state it ws in. The two guys seemed to love it. Callum shoved a Cd into the player, and music began to blare full vol. We all began to eat, but we didn't drink too much, saving some for the girls.

"Soooo, seen any Demons you like the look of?" Callum grinned at him.

"Well..." Steven grinned back cheekily.

"C'mon spill! You saw me take on that idiot Chris when he called you a sceffy fucker. He still has bruises. Me like."

Steven did a fake gulp. We all roared with laughter, fighting to be heard over the music.

"TURN IT DOWN A BIT!!!" I yelled. Steven went to the palyer, and trying to crank it down, cranked it up. It blasted out, and I dived for the vol. cotrol. I turned it off, and we rolled around laughing.

"Ok, I think that girl we met was fit, ok?"

"Which one??"

"Luna and Caitlin's mate. Y'now, Luna's fang sister?"

"What? Crimson? Nice taste. She's got a thing or bad boys I think."

Steven ruffled both my hair and Callum's. "Well, good job I'm bad then, isn't it!?!?!" he yelledd, punching the wall, making next door squeal.

"SORRY!!! WE'RE HAVING A GUY'S NIGHT!!!!" We roared laughing.

The End

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