Crimson: Ill.Mature

There was a knock on my door, it was mother.

"Wazzup mother duck?"I croaked.

"I have your potion and Luna and Caitlin are here to see you." she handed my the golden goblet and let Caitlin and Luna in.

"You look bloody awful."Noted Luna.

"Thanks, Luna, I can always count on YOU to get my ego boosted!"I said sarcasticly.

"Just sayin' it how it is." Then she looked less bored, "CALLUM ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!!!"

"WOW!"I exclaimed, although, I felt down, I sounded it too, my blocked nose and sore thraot made me sound dry and sarcastic.

Her face fell.

"No, really, it's my cold, it makes me sound like I hate talking to people."

Caitlin laughed a cute little laugh.

I sipped from the goblet and felt much better.

"Congrats!"I said in my normal, plain, ironic voice.

The End

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