Luna and Alex: Well, That Went Well!!!Mature


I gasped as Callum bent down, and asked me to marry him. i knelt by him, and let him slip the ring onto my finger, then kissing him. I pulled away, to see Alex and Caitlin kissing, oblivious of the roaring crowd.

I smiled, glncing down at the beautiful ring, glinting and glistening on my finger. Callum and I stood, smiling. Have you ever laughed with laughing? You get a strange spasm in your feels funny. Callum spread out his wings, and began to serve the demons at the bar, making then laugh, and making a few women swoon. It was rather funny to watch, knowing he didn't give a damn for anyone but me.



I kissed Caitlin, letting my fingers carress her cheek, and her bare arms. I smiled, pulling away, looking over t Callum serving people, while Luna sat on the bar, with Demons crowded round her. I checked the time. Three in the morning. An hour over closing time.

"Well, everybody, its time to shut up! Have a great night, and I'll see all of you back here tomorrow!!!" I shouted, grinning. Everyone groaned, laghed, moaned as they filed out of the club, till the last of them had gone. I locked the door, so Crimson, Luna, Callum, Caitlin and I were the only ones left.

"Well, I think that went pretty well!" giggled Luna, who was sat on Callum's knee on the bar. Crimson wooped. I knew that inside she cared about being alone. Caitlin slid into my lap, smiling.

"We're going back to the apartment, can you handle te rest?" sked Crimson. I nodded, and they left, Luna throwing the keys to us. The place was already spotless, apart from the windows needed spiffing up. Caitlin helped me with that, and we sat back down together.

"I got someting for you...well, Lucifer got it for me, to give it to my true love." I said, rather sheepishly. She looked t me, her eyes glowing curiously. I opened the box, and fastened the chain round her neck. it was silver, and the pendant was a silver oval, with golden leaves round the edge. She opened it, to see the picture of us we had taken. She smiled, and kissed me.

I smiled. "As I said earlier, veryy good." she giggled.

I shook my head with a cheeky smile. "Noooo, very great, fantastic, superb, top nosh, what ever." I laughed. She rolled her eyes, and I kissed her once more, before stannding up, and we both left, locking up behind us, and heading back to Luna and mine's apartment.

The End

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