Caitlin: Valentine's DayMature

I walked into Reapers, looking for Alex. He'd dissappeared somewhere. A bunch of demons were looking at me, but I just ignored them.

"Heyy *burp* babe...wanna..hook up?" a drunk demon sway in my face.

"Get lost." I said in disgust.

"Aww..don' like that." he said, slumping on me, clumsily putting his arm around my waist. He breathed vodka fumes in my face "I'll show you...a real..goood.. time."

"I said 'Get lost.'" I replied, dangerously quietly. "Get off me now or you will regret it."

The demon said nothing, instead moving closer. Some others had gathered around, all watching. I rolled my eyes. Some demons...really. I drove my elbow into the drunk demon's stomach. Before he could recover, I cracked my hand across his face and kneed him in the groin. He landed in a heap on the floor.

"Next time, when a lady says 'no', listen to her." I said flatly. Shaking my head, I weaved through the crowd to the bar, ordering a double vodka.  Looking towards the stage, I saw a guy I think was called Callum, and Alex walking towards the mic. Dressed in a red shirt and black trousers, Alex was looking smoking hot. I grinned slightly. Damn I felt lucky.

"Hey everybody. As some of you know, its Valentine's day." Callum said with a grin. A moan, and some swearing came from the crowd. I laughed to myself. Some people had no sense of romance.

"Well, maybe you don't know." he smirked, looking cute. Then my eyes drifted to Alex and I grinned again.. There was one hot demon.

"Well, there are two Demon girls out in this audience who are very special to us. Luna and Caitlin, get your gorgeous selfs up here." he said with a wink. I caught Luna's eye from across the room, and we both laughed, going up to the stage. Callum handed a red rose to Luna, Alex did the same to me. I couldn't keep the grin off my face. Alex winked slyly at me. A demon wheeled a piano onstage.

Callum sat down, and began to play 'Hero', and they both sang. I couldn't help appreciating Alex's deep, rich voice. It sent shivers down my spine. When they had done, they returned to the main mic.

"Everyone, I want a round of applause for these two beautiful Demons!" Alex said, helping me onto the stage, whilst Callum did the same for Luna.

Then, Callum proposed to Luna. The club errupted as she accepted. Alex then pulled me in for a kiss.

The noise the crowd made almost deafened me, but I didn't care. All I cared about was the feel of Alex's lips on mine.

The End

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