Every Demon loves a good love story...Mature

I went back to our apartment, to see Callum just..sat there. "What's going on, babe?!" he said, getting up, and holding me.

"I...are you ok?" I asked, red tears stinging my eyes.

"Yeah. Your no longer angel sister came round. I took care of her."

"Good." I said. Crimson was behind me. Callum put an arm round her too. "Everything's cool. Anyway, Lucifer sent Alistar round again. He wants you to go with Caitlin to go get Steven." said Callum with a grin.

"Wait...Steven you were telling me about?" asked Crimson slyly. I nodded with a smile.

"BOOYA!!!" I yelled.


I slid a bottle down to the end, to an already drunk demon. He slid up to sit oposite me. "Hey Alex, hows about you and me...?" he asked. He was sooooooo obviously gay. I saw a cloaked figure walking towards the bar.

"And they say you can't take a break!" I muttered to Lucifer, hiding under his cloak. He smiled.

"So! You and Caitlin, huh?"

"How....never mind." I said, shook my head, and gave him a bottle of Ten Alarm Vodka. He took it, and left. Caitlin entered. Loads of demons looked round at her. I grinned, and went into the back, where  bag sat. I picked it up, and took it out to the front. Luna, Crimson and Callum were sat talking to her. I sighed. I wondered if they knew what the day was in the human world. Valentines Day. I looked at Callum, who winked back at me.

I nodded, andd we both went into the back. I yanked out the clothes, black trousers, red shirt. We both got changed, and grinned at eachother. I handed him a red rose, took my own, and smiled as we walked onto the stage.

"Hey everybody. As some of you know, its Valentine's day." Callum said with a grin. A moan, and some swearing came from the crowd.

"Well, maybe you don't know. Hehe." he smirked.

"Well, there are two Demon girls out in this audience who are very special to us. Luna and Caitlin, get your gorgeous selfs up here." he said with a wink. I grinned, as the two giggled, and came to the edge of the stage. We handed them a rose each, and another Demon rolled a piano onto the stage.

Callum sat down, and began to play 'Hero', and we both sang. Once we had finished, we walked back to the mic. "Everyone, I want a round of applause for these two beautiful Demons!" I said, helping Luna and Caitlin onto the stage. They both smiled.

"And, I would like to say, in front of you all..." began Callum, who then bent down on one knee, and held a small red box up to Luna, and opened it, revealing a silver ring, set with onyx. "...Will you marry me, Luna?" asked Callum, smiling. Luna put her hands over her mouth, and smiled. She bent down to her own knees, and nodded. He slid the ring onto her finger, and kissed her. The crowd cheered. I took Caitlin in my arms, an kissed her, making the crowd cheer louder and louder. Every Demon loved a good love story.

The End

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