Caitlin: Things Are Hottin' Up...And I Like ItMature

I came into the bar, still in a foul mood. How was I meant to find some kind of traitor to Lucifer in Hell? I went over to the bar and Alex handed me a drink. I took it gratefully, running my eyes up and down. I'd never really appreciated how good-looking he was before.. His seductive vioce broke into my thoughts.

"You're always welcome here. I've had flipping record deals offered to me n you!"he spoke excitedly. I laughed darkly, flipping my hair back. I noticed his eyes darken with lust, a look I had seen so many times before, but rarely wanted to see.

 "Hey Caitlin, I was wondering, maybe, y'know, you and me could go out some time? I mean, throw it up to Heaven if its  bad gig..."

I smiled again. The way he was suddenly so uncertain was endearing.

 "I'll think about it." I said, teasingly. "By the way, lovin' the t-shirt." I purred, hooking my finger into the neck to pull his face closer to mine. It was very a sexy t-shirt, with satan's symbol on it. He grinned cheekily, then his face softened when he realised how close our faces were. He wrapped his arms round me, and pulled me up to sit on the bar. I smiled again, and he kissed me.

As his taste invaded my senses I gave myself over to the kiss. It was a long time since I had kissed someone I liked. I could feel Alex smiling and there was a smile on my face too when I pulled away.

"Hmm, that was verry nice." I said, seductively, not exactly moving all that far from Alex. He chuckled.

"I think I might have to agree there."

"OI!" someone yelled from the other end of the bar "When you can spare a minute, some of us would like a drink Alex!"

I laughed, pushing Alex lightly in the chest. "Go, go. I'll do a few songs to keep the rabble happy... Maybe I'll see you later." I winked and slid off the bar, going to the stage. I heard Alex groan slightly and then laugh. "See ya."

I stepped up onstage as before and sang whatever came into my head. Some rock, fast stuff, a couple of crowd-pleasers and right at the end, I sang another ballad, something I loved to do. Again I got some applause, and a couple of people came up to me. Alex had been right, there were people offering me record deals! I laughed them off, wanting a drink, when some random demon came up to me.

"Are you Caitlin?" he asked, looking both awed and out of breath.

"Depends who's asking." I replied, looking down at him.

"Well, Lucifer's looking for a girl called Caitlin, and you seem to fit the description," he ran his eyes over me in appreciation.

"Hands off buster." Alex growled, sliding his arm round my waist. I hadn't even noticed him coming over.

Looking put out, the demon sauntered off. Alex kissed me on the cheek.

"I've got to go see Lucifer, I'll come find you after ok?" I said, letting my irritation show. Talk about bad timing.

Alex groaned again, but replied good-nautredly. "I guess I'll have to wait"

I kissed him lightly on the lips before slipping away into the crowd to find Lucifer.

"What do you want now?" I said, when I finally got to his 'office'.

He raised an eyebrow "I wasn't interrupting anything?"

"Oh, only the first decent guy I have met in ages." I said, still not pleased.

Lucifer looked impressed. "Anyone I know?"

"Alex." I replied smugly. "And nothing you will say is going to interfere so don't even try."

"Caitlin.." Lucifer was doing his I-won't-argue-with-you-in-this-mood voice. "We'll talk about this later. I wanted to apologise. I've been loading you with so much to do recently. That job past the Fourth Gate was tough, and now the whole conspiracy situation. I'll deal with it myself. Don't worry about it." He looked down. "I've been taking you for granted."

I sighed, feeling bad for snapping. "Its okay. I know that when we lost the person before me, you needed someone to stand by you." I went over to him, and put my arms around him. "You're my best friend, what else am I for other than watching your back?"

He smiled. "Thanks Cat. But I will take the conspiracy thing for myself. Just keep an eye out for me okay?"

"Yessir, snooping duty happily assumed." I said, mock-saluting.

He laughed, "There's an angel called Steven who needs bringing in, you're going to be working with Crimson and Luna-but I need to tell them about it first. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, but the other two have already been up to Caspoan's realm, and they know where to find him. You're going along so make sure there aren't any problems."

"Sure, send them over when its time." I said, yawning. "I'll be in Reapers."

"Yeah, yeah.. I'll send them over like I said." Lucifer said boredly.

I laughed, peering round the door for one last shot. "Y'know.. Things have been a bit quiet in Hell recently. Something is brewing. I'll keep an eye and ear open for you."

The End

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