Alex: ;)Mature

I looked over s Caitlin came back into the bar. I handed her a drink.

"You're always welcoe here. I've had flipping record deals offered to me n you!" I exclaimed at her. She gave a dark laugh. She flipped her hair to the side. She sent shivers down y spine.

I swear, she could have turned flames to ice. "Hey Caitlin, I was wondering, maybe, y'now, you and me could go out soe time? I mean, throw it up to Heaven if its  bad gig..."

caitlin smiled. "I think about it. By the way, lovin' the t-shirt." she sai, hooking her finger into the neck hole. It was my best one, with satan's symbol on it. I grinned, then smiled about how close her face was to mine. I wrapped my arms round her, and pulled her up to sit on the bar, and to kiss her.

The End

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