Caitlin: The Posh Part of HellMature

What can I say? There have been some crazy goings-ons. Angels popping up all over the place,  someone shrieking about being the Angel of Night or something and then being changed into a demon. Pretty funny really when you think about it. I like this lil' corner. Like a 24/7 party.

Anyhow, whilst all this was going on- I'd been talking to Lucifer. What the others had yet to find out is that I am kind of a close friend to him. As in his second-in-command, his best (and favorite) spy and clost confidante. I'm not sure how that came about really. I've always known Lucifer, and I've always been around in the background as he rose up through the ranks of Hell. When he got to the top, he made me second and here I am..

After the others had dissappeared, Lucifer walked up behind me, disguised but in one I knew all too well.

"I thought you might like it here."

I chuckled darkly in reply. "Nice job with Kira, very typical you."

He laughed. "Why thank you very much. I must say I was rather proud of myself."

We joked around a little more, when his face became serious. "Caitlin, I didn't come here just to joke around. I have a special job for you."

I sighed. "You never come just to joke anymore. You never stop."

He pulled a face. "I know.. But this is important, and I don't trust many people to do it. I think there is someone in Hell that is trying to overthrow me. I want you to find out who."

I raised an eyebrow, resisting the urge to laugh. "Ever thought of seeing a shrink? You're paranoid! They love you here! Thanks to you, we made Earth legend!You shaped us into what we are now.. Who would want to change that?"

"Those who were powerful in the chaos. Those who liked having no one to boss them around. Who see removing me the only way to restore that." He shrugged. "Thats what I want you to find out."

"Why don't you ask me to find an ice cube? Surely that would be easier?" I laid the sarcasm on thick, knowing I would end up agreeing.

"That's my girl." He winked. "See you aroud."

I growled under my breath the whole way back to the bar. I needed a proper drink and Alex was expecting me back. He said my singing had brought him record takings and had offered me a job for as long as I wanted it.

The End

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