By the name of Lucifer!Mature

I draped an arm over Crimson's shoulder as we dissapeared from Kira's sight together. "Babe, that was wicked."

"I know we are." she chuckled. I hugged myself in delight. Kira wasn't our sister any more! I then began to think. "Umm...Hey Crimson? She's gonna be a pretty powerful demon, right?"

"Most likely, why?" Her casual expression turned to confusion, then to horror.

"Callum." She said with a gulp. I nodded.

"I have a feeling she wanted to turn me into an angel. She said that I could prctice Angel magic. I think she wanted me to be an Angel. But now...we've brought Callum to the demon world..."

"We need to go. Before Callum gets hurt." said Crimson, her face going from confusio to worry.

"By the Name of Lucifer, we need to find him!!!"

The End

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