I swearMature

I walk slowly then feel a pain in my chest. I scream in pain and I heared another scream but it wasn't mine.

I fall to my knee's and my vision and hearing begins to go.

"Crimson!" Luna's voice shouts. "Crimson! What's happening?"

"I don't know" Crimson gasps.

"Crimson" the voice is new to me.

"Mother what's happening?" Crimson chokes out.

"I'm sorry but..... you're dying" Crimson mother whispers.

"Why?" Crimson shouts.

"You need to swear the oath"

"What but you said-"

"I hoped it wouldn't happen"

"What would happen?"

I wake up and see demonic creatures looking down at me.

"Is she okay?" one mutters.

I jump up and unfold my wings taking off into the small air space of Lucifer's realm.

I need to find Crimson and Luna. I search the realm floor. Where the hell are they?

I scream my chest burning but I keep myself up. Then I spot them. I land and stumble.

"Kira!" Luna shouts. I scream and begin to thrash at the floor Crimson doing the same.

"Luna!" I scream.

"What?" she says coming over.

"You need to swear the oath" I hiss through my teeth.


"If you swear it the join will be between you...." I scream again.

"What do I say?" she shouts looking at both me and Crimson.

"I swear my soul to protect the moon and the night" the women says. "It's simple"

"Okay, okay..... I swear upon my soul that I will protect the Moon and the Night" the last word echo's from Luna's lips and we both start screaming.

I look at Crimson who's staring at me.

"You do know what you made her do?" the women says.

"Yeah" I say getting to my feet.

"What did I do?" Luna asks.

"You have made your self a Protector of the Night and Moon...... you die and they will die in pain" the women explains.

Luna gulps. ".... So I'm in charge of their life"

"That's what she's saying" I say shrugging. "It also means me and Crimson no longer have to be friends...... we will just have to deal with each other's presence"

I then watch all their eyes become wide and I feel confused. "Your... wings"

I look back at my wings. "Ahh!" I shout jumping. My wings are midnigh black sparkling here and there. "What the hell happened?" I shout.

"Their quite cool" Crimson mutters. "But the claws are better"

I look down at my hands to see blades sticking out of my clenched fists.

"She's turned demonic" We all turn to the sound of Lucifer's voice.

The End

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