Hate, Hate, and just a bit more Hate.Mature


I prowel the streets of hell. Not stupid deamons wolf-whistling at me today.

"CRIMSON!"I heared Kira yell. I whirl around. I bare my teeth at her.

"Piss off!"I snarl.

"No."She said in a determined voice.

"I hate you. I don't care if you have oraders to make peace, I don't make peace with enemies."I nsapped. She looked hurt. I didn't feel guilty, no deamonic creatures ever do, unless they defy a high standing deamon or something.


"Bye!"I growl. And sprint to my mother. She was just comeing out of Lucifers quarters.

"Mother!"I yell. She smiled when she see's me. When she spots Kira behind me, her smile faltered.


"I NEED to talk to you."I said seriously.

"Yes, of course!"

She took me to our quaters. And nodded.

"I hate Kira."

"I do to. The feeling netural."She said.

"Yes, but she said there was this link between the children of the night and triple moon goddesses."

"Thats a lie. There is one no more. Well, there is, Luna is a child of the night, you are linked iwth her. Kira...."She sneered her name, "has nothing to do with you, I shall talk to Lucifer right away!" She sauntered out. I grinned.

I didn't have to be friends with Kira! WHOOPIEEEE!!!!

The End

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