Weird ChatMature


"Yes, Lucifer" I say nodding politely.

"Ah, Kiranna" he says jumping up and walking towards me which makes me feel small. "I was wondering how you were?"

"Fine thank you" I say keeping my head high.

"I heard about your spiff with Crimson" he says going back to his seat.

"She didn't know about the oath" I say shrugging.

"You do remember the gift I gave you for your sixteeth" he says smiling.

"Yes and it was more like a discrete punishment" I say.

"For her to reach her full potencial you need to cast those words" Lucifer says summoning a glass of wine. He picks it up and takes a sip.

"I know"

"And that can only be done if you trust each other"

"I trust her, Lucifer. She's the one who doesn't trust"

"It's hard for a demonic creature to trust Kiranna" he says smiling.

"I know" I mutter looking at the floor.

"I'm jealous of Caspoan he produced two such wonderful children" Lucifer says smiling.

"You've never tried to have children" I say. "You can not be jealous of something you've not tried to have"

"Perhaps but maybe I should try" he says raising an eyebrow. "You may leave"

I bow slightly and walk slowly out of the chamber. That was slightly weird.... okay maybe terribly.

I shiver and shake my head hitting it lightly with my fists. I can't get those words out of my head.

Maybe I should try. I shiver again then take off at a gental run.

The End

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