"My Lord and Uncle Lucifer, may I ask you but a small favor?" I asked, clutching the rose with one hand, my other on the pendant.

"What would that be?"

"I wish for Crimson to become my sister. And I want to hide my fther's identity. I am the daughter of Narcissa, and of Caspoan." I said with a shudder.

"Take the pendants, twist them together, and wait for them to glow. Only if your hearts are one can you become sisters." he said. Crimson and I twistedd the pendants, and they glowed almost at once, and they glowed very brightly.

"Now leave my children, go have a good time." he said, and we left. Callum swung me round in his arms. I kissed him once more, and he popped a kiss on Crimson's cheek. "Hey, any sibling or friend of Luna's is one to me!" he smiled. I yawned, and We returned to mine and Crimson's flat.

All three of us raided the kitchen, and sat in the livingroom with bottles of drink, munchies and a blanket, and we sat watching a movie. In it for no apparent reason, Callum turned to me, and buried his face in my neck.

"Your boyfriend is random."

"Yeah, but he's awesome."

"He'd be a good brother for me..."

"Excuse me, Crimson!" I giggled. Both of them hugged me, laughing. I smiled, and drifted to sleep, my head on Callum's chest, one hand clutching my sister's, and our tangled bodies warm.

The End

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