We went to Africa, and gazed at the little girl, tossing, turning, crying out. Kira appeared again, and told Crimson about their relations to each other, and about the oath. She left soon after. Crimson groaned, and we turned back to the girl, eager to free the girl from pain. Crimson and I placed a hand on her forehead. She laid still, and brethed out, sounding relieved. I smiled, then remembered. I took the dagger sharp fang from her clenched hand, and tied it round her neck.

"Crimson, if you think about it, your Lucifer's neice as well."

"How so?"

"Who's his two best demon girls?"


"Who's his two closest relatives?"

"You and Caspoan."

"And you're my sister, so....?"


"I prove my point." I grinned, then put my han to my mouth. "Callum." I gasped. Crimson looked worried. We sped to the portal, but Crimson got stuck. "I'm a full demon, I can't get through!" she shouted. I nodded, and she told me to go.

I went to the gates, were Callum was slumped, waiting. He grinned, and he slipped through the gates. We flew back to the portal together, back to the human world. "Woop woop!" said Crimson. I grinned, and pulled both of them towards Hell. Everyone screamed as I entered the bar, Callum sliding his arm round my waist.

In the bar, Crimson and I were basic legends for going out with whoever we wanted, since every boy wanted us. Crimson seemed to warm up to Callum more than Kira. Alistar came rushing over. "Why is there an Angel here?"

"Because Uncle Lucifer sent me to get him." I said. Crimson crept round, and slapped Alistar's arse, before l0oking innocent again. Alistar walked off. I giggled, then squealed as Callum pulled me into his lap, and he pulled Crimson close to his side, so I was sat with both.

"You do know we aren't technically dating..."said Callum, in his deep, seductive voice. It ws music to my ears. I nodded, and Alistar came back. Callum pulled me close, kissing my neck, chin, then was about to kiss my lips when..."Luna! Lucifer awaits."

I growled, and Callum pushed me up, and Crimson and Callum slid out after me. We walked towards Lucifer's quarters. "Crimson! Not you!"

"Fuck off." she said simply. Callum laughed, and draped an arm over both of our shoulders.   .

"My Lord." Said Callum, bowing when we reached Lucifer's throne. Callum wrapped his arm round me again, and smiled.

"Sorry Luna, I lied about the mission. Crimson told me that you were seeing this young Angel, who wanted to be a Demon for you, so I wanted to see if he was worthy."

Callum knelt before Lucifer, spreading his wings. Lucifer streached forward, to touch Callum's wings. They turned gray, and I watched as my own did. I smiled. Callum gave a smile, then took me in his arms. Demons can only truly be dating when they share their first kiss. I felt Callum's strong arms tighten an little, and his toungue tangling with mine. His scent went from smelling like cheap cleaning liquid to the scent of burning wood and caramel. Yum. He gave a flick of his wrist, and a black rose appeared in his hand, which he gave to me. I giggled.

The End

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