Can't be banished by youMature


"God that was stupid" I shout.

Luna and Crimson turn shocked. "I banished you" Crimson shouted.

"Moron, I can't be banished by you" I flick my hair back and look at the girl in front of them. "Hmm"

"Why in hell can't you?" Crimson shouts.

"Work it out your self" I shout waving a hand as I turn. A ball hits me in the back. "Youch"

I turn and glare at her. She falls to the floor in pain. "Crimson" Luna shouts. "What you doing?"

"I ain't doing nothing" I hiss. "Don't you know nothing Crimson. You should have studied the title you took more"

"What happening?" she gasps.

"Stop thinking of killing me and it'll stop" I tell her. Her breathing begins to return and Luna helps her to her feet.

"You can't harm me Crimson otherwise you'll kill yourself just like I can't harm you" I shout.

"Why?" Crimson hisses

"Loyalty" I say.

Luna gasps remebering what I told her. "The swore oath" she whispers.

"What oath?" Crimson shouts.

"The one the first Angel of the Night and Triple Moon goddess did bonding all their desendents" I say. "They swore to protect each other and if either of them betrays the other their soul will be ripped in half and all creature have souls may it be evil or good"

"So I have to put up with you" Crimson hisses.

"Crimson don't you know your mothers family. I'm your cousin" I shout. She stares shocked.


"Your my cousin and bonded friend, weather or not you like me which you seem to don't" I shout.

"I'd call that an understatement" she mutters.

"Yeah,well luckily I teleported before the banishing happened properly otherwise you'd be dead by now"

The End

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