Fangs forever.Mature



I grinned at her.

"Fangs forever, sis!"I said gleefully.

"Yeah!"She grinned back, I bumped my hip into hers, I took out some drinks.

"Hell-fire-whisky?"I offered.


"Lets go do some reapin'!"I snarled playfully. Some deamons whooped as we disappeared from hell to earth.

"Theres a child in Africa that's dying of the Plaugue."I said, closing my eyes, "she is in great pain."

"Let's go save her."Said Luna.

"Not so fast, Ladies!"Growled Kira. Hands on her hips.

"What the?"Said Luna.

"Get away from us you skanky-friend-stealing-bitch!"I snarled.

"No."She said, with a smirk playing around the corners of her lips.

"I'm warning you..."I hissed, I worked up a ball of death-fire in my hands, she eyed it then looked terrified.

"Please...!"She gasped.

"No."I leered. I let it rip, it hit her flat in the stomach. She cried out in pain, and disappeared.

"She's not...dead is she?"Said Luna in a worried voice.

"No. I just banished her from hell, forever!"I grinned evilly.

"Awww,"she said, "we could've used her as a sacrafice!"

"Hehe! Yeah, make her into Angel Blood Wine!"I jeered. Luna sniggered.

We high-fived eachother, then touched our fangs together.

"Africa, here we come!"I shrieked. Then we went to do our job, to show mercy. Unlike the Angels of Caspoan.

The End

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