No. Take Me Back.Mature

I saw Callum through the gates. He ran, and took my hands. I looked down. "I'll come back for you." I whispered, and ran to the edge, throwing myself off it. Kira caught me.

"Kira...take me back." i said. Kira looked surprised.

"But why?"

"Crimson is more to a sister to me than you are." I said. I let myself drop out of Kira's arms, and back into the Demon realm.

I opened my pocket, and pulled out two sharp teeth pendants. I saw Crimson. "CRIMSON!!!" I yelled. She turned, and stared in disbelieve. I tied one of the pendants round my neck, and pressed the other into her hand. "Bloodhound Fangs. Rarest jewellary in Hell. Hunted them myself." I told her.

"I don't need fancy titles. I don't need to know Angel magic. All I need is my true sister. My Demon. My Coyote." I said, a sad smile on my face. Crimson looked at it, thoughtfully.

The End

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