If she goes, I wont.Mature


I'm a nark, I know, but I'm one that always get's what she want's. I'm a spoilt girl and I wont stand for anything I don't like. Thats how mother had brought me up. She said to me, the day I became a reaper:

"Life is yours. People connat take that power away from you. You may find people that are more important than you, but you'll always be very special. Soon YOU will be the Triple Moon Goddess, you need to make things go your way. Even if it means loosing a friend."

She was right, I was the only heaven and hell-bound creature that had the power of life and death. It was like my signature thing!

"I'm not going."I said in a steely voice.

"Why?"Said Luna, shocked, "you said you wanted to come to Caspoans relm!"

"Not if that THING is going with us, "I carried on ruthlessly, "I don't give a shit if she's your sister, I don't like the feel of her. Don't ever get on the wrong side of me Luna, if your friends with her, your not friends with me. You hardly know her. You know me like were family. I'm leaving, come or don't, if you don't, I wont ever talk to you again, unless it's to do with soul-snatching."I turned my eyes black, just to show her how serious I was.

She looked so sad.

"Good-bye, Luna."I hiss, and walked away to my quaters.

I heard her start walking, then stop, Kira picked her up, and took her to Caspoan's relm.

Luna, I sneer in the face of your name for killing our friendship.

I stomped off, barely greeting the creatures that bowed at me.

The End

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