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"This necklace means your a Person who was born to the night and that...... your a daughter of Caspoan" I choke out.

Luna gasps at me shocked and so does Crimson.

"Wait but how old are you?" Luna asks.

"18" I say.

"But that would make us...... born the year" Luna whispers.

"Yeah but luckly not Twins my mother was the recent Angel of the Night, she died giving birth to me" I say letting go of the pendant. "What day were you born?"

"17th April" she whispers.

"15th January, making me your older sister" I say smiling.

"So, if I was born to the Night like you aren't I sort of a reaper or something of it?" Luna says.

"No, the title desended to me but you do have an all access pass meaning I can't stop you but I can stop Crimson" I say.

"That's not fair" Crimson mutters.

"It's tough luck, I could stop her but she's my sister and it would be called-"

"Treason" Luna finishes.

"Presisely, a sibling may not fight it's sibling and a child may not harm it parent" I say. "Agreed by both Caspoan and Lucifer, I'm actually shocked Lucifer agreed to it before that was astablished he sent his sister on some of the hardest tasks"

I shake my head and fold my arms. "He's not so bad now" Crimson puts in.

"Yeah but that's the reason Luna here became, ummm how should I put it..... born, created" I explain.

"My father is Caspoan, your my sister and my uncle's Lucifer...... Why don't I get some fancy title" she screams.

"Sorry" I say shrugging. She pouts angrily.

"Shouldn't we be fetching Callum.... oh and Luna you do realise since Caspoan's your father you can study angel magic and devil magic at the same time" I say before taking of.

Luna gawks then take off after me. "What do you mean?" she shouts.

"How do we get to Caspoan's realm?" Crimson asks.

"I'll show you" I say flicking my wings and taking off across the night.

"What do you mean?" Luna shouts.

The End

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