I'm comingMature


Luna and Crimson jumped slightly when they saw me. "I'm coming, weather you like it or not" I say.

"But is Caspoan-"

"My father wouldn't attack here just for me" I hiss inturpting Crimson.

"Well, we're only going up to fetch an angel called Callum" Luna says. "And what you doing in the human realm anyway?"

"One Do you mean Callum Diser and Two I came out to look at the night sky" I say looking up at the night sky.

"Yes it's Callum Diser" Luna says looking confused. "You know him? And why do you want to look at the night sky?"

"Callum Diser was one of the few angels who I trusted to teach shadow magic and I want to look at the night sky cause of my title"

"Angel of the Night" Crimson says. I nod.

"You taught Callum shadow magic?" Luna gasps.

"As much as he was capable with staying full winged. Me, I can learn both cause I belong to light and dark which also goes back to my title"

"Umm, well I still don't think you should come" Luna says looking slightly nervous.

"I come or you will stay out of the sky until daylight" I say smiling.

"We can't come out during daylight and you can't keep us out of the sky" Luna hisses.

"Um, Luna she can. She owns and control's the night as agreed by both Caspoan and Lucifer" Crimson mutters.

"Why would Lucifer agree to that?" Luna says shocked. "To give the night to an Angel"

"Well, cause while she's an Angel when she swore to watch the night she agreed to side with no one but Caspoan was still her father so she had to live in his realm under his watch"

"I hate complications" Luna mutters.

"But Caspoan could still start a war if he found out you were living in hell" Crimson says.

"Like I said either I go or you stay grounded" I say before smiling cheekily.

The End

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