By The Way...Mature

I grinned, and slung an arm over Crimson's shoulder as we walked out. A few guys followed us. "I love stealth, don't you?" I said cheerfully. She looked at me sideways. I pulled out two more bottles of Bad Angel Wine from my cloak. Crimson wooped, and we down a bottle each.

As we walked along the streets, Crimson asked, "How do we get to Caspoan's Realm?" I shrugged, and scrunched up my face. My white wings; the only thing that connected me to the Angel world, spread out wide. My body began to glow a little.

I took Crimson's hand, and the glow spread to her body. We climbed higher an higher, and out, into the Human realm and up.

"By the way, Callum has a fiend, who also want to become like us. his name are Steven. He's Callum's best mate. He's really cheeky, really flirty, and a good laugh. You'd like him."

The End

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