I've always been the best at everthing. I know that. Even when I didn't pay attention in school(in hell.), I could always do the trick after. I don't like to show off. But some people show off too much. I hate show off's. they all try to be better than Luna and I, but really, their just mere deamons.

I blinked. My eyes turned black. All hell-bound creatures can do this. It helps us sence our companionsIE; frinds. Luna was running full pelt at me. She bumped into me and I fell over. We laughed. She got off the top of me, and a few perverted deamons groaned. I glared and they looked away. My eyes went back to their normal colour--Silver. My mother has these silver eyes.


"Can you help me with a job??"She asked.

"What??...."I said, rolling my hand, telling her to go on.

"Lucifer asked me personally....I  forgot how boiling it was in his quarters!"She said, fanning her-self.

"Your tellin' me!"

"Yeah, so, I'm going to Caspoan's relm, to see Callum, wanna come?"She said.

I've never been to Caspoan's relm. I mean, I've lived in hell since I was born. Lunawas born in hell, but lived on Earth. I've only been on Earth to to my jobs. Having lived here all my life, I've never ever been NEAR Caspoans relm!

"Yessss!!! okay!"I shrieked with glee.

"Do you mind if I ask Kira too?"She asked carefully.

I pulled a face. and I looked like I'd just eaten a lemon.

"Show off."I muttered in a mean voice.

"I take that as a 'no'?"She said. Not wanting a answer.

"Yes, it is a no. But also, her living here, could cause Caspoan to attack us."I said meaningfully.

"I understand!"She said, nodding.

"Let's go then!"I said, grinning. I took a swig of my Angel Blood Wine, left it on the counter, deamons dived for it. I walked out with Luna, shaking my head.

The End

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