A Job And A DrinkMature

I went to the bar, and slid onto the stool. "Hey Alex, what have you got that'll hook me a guy?" I asked. Alex slammed a tiny, white, heart-shaped bottle towards me. The heart had red demon horns and tail. It read, BAD ANGEL on the front. I smiled, and was about to take the top off, when...

"Luna! LUNA!!!" Alistar screamed at me. I groaned, and walked over, the bottle in my hand. "Your Uncle has a job for you." he said.

"What is it?"

"I don't know."

"Fuck it."

I followed Alistar out of the club, and to Lucifer's quarters. "Yes, my lord Lucifer, and my uncle?"

"I need you to go to Caspoan's realm to fetch one of the Angels there. His name is Callum. You'll recognize him strait away. He doesn't really fit in with the Angels. He wants to meet you, and come back. He sent a distress call a few hours ago."

"I have never been to Caspoan's Realm before, My Lord. How will I recognize him?"

"He is stood in the shadows of his house at the moment. His home is near the gates. You must go, and return quickly."

"Yes, My Lord. May I take Crimson with me?"

"Yes, and take a couple of others."

I left, sighing. Of corse I knew who Callum was. I had met him in the human world. He and I had fallen for each other. He had long reddish brown hair that touched his shoulders, sweet cloudy blue eyes and pale skin. He had been sneaking out every week to come to this realm to see me. Obviously Caspoan didn't know, and neither did Lucifer. Callum wanted to keep his Angel powers, but didn't want to be kept away from me. I downed the bottle of Bad Angel, and went back to the club, going to get Crimson. 

The End

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