Flames of hellMature


I know this sounds bad but even though I was an angel I had been practicing deamon magic for a while now.

I rub my hands together quickly and catch the spark. I turn it into a flame and smile.

Flames of hell. "Wow" someone gasps. I turn to see the reaper called Luna. "You already know deamon magic"

"Yeah" I say and begin to juggle fire. "My dad was crap at paying attention"

"That's amazing" Luna whisper as I form a black flame. I banish the flame and make my hands heal from slight burns.

"I know so much magic I don't dare to count" I say putting a hand on my hip and letting the other hang by my side.

"Being able to create flames of hell is flipping hard" Luna says shaking her head.

"I'm a powerful being" I say shrugging.

"You want to come to the party, I felt slightly worried about you. Now I see I dont have to be"

"Sure, I'll come"

The End

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