Caitlin: Rebel's ReapersMature

After the song finished, I stepped up to the stage.

"Tonight we have something a little special for you. The new girl in hell, with a voice to die for, Caitlin"

I smiled at the introduction from Alex, and stepped into the spotlight. I was aware of the murmur of appreciation from the men as I adjusted the mic. I was tall, and slim like a lot of Reapers. I was dressed in black skinny jeans and a skin-tight tank top which showed the swirling tattoo down my arm. A long knife ran to mid-way down my thigh. My hair tumbled down my back in loose curls, a dark black-red. My eyes were unusual in that they were a deep emerald green. I always wore eyeliner, which accentuated their almond shape. I had been blessed (ironically) with stunning good looks, and a voice to match.

The band struck the opening chords and I began to sing a ballad. Slowly, the whole club stopped to listen. A few couples began slow-dancing on the floor. When the song was done, people began to clap. I slipped quietly offstage and the band thanked me before carrying on with their set. I sat chatting to Alex, an old friend of mine, when Crimson appeared, grinning evilly.

"I don't think we have met?" I said boldly, giving her my most stunning smile. "I'm Caitlin. Get on the wrong side of me and I'll kick that ass of yours back to where it came from."

The End

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