"You don't belong here!"I snarled in my scariest voice. She jumped back a little.

"This is OUR teretory."Agreed Luna.

"Bu...bu...bu!"Stammered the angel.

"You are the daughter of Caspon...You are not worthy of living here!"I growled. "I'm going to tell my mother, and she will tell Lucifer. And you wont believe you could be in such pain!"

"Leave now!"Bellowed Luna. She didn't budge. I shook my head sharply, and chuckled evilly. I looked at Luna, Luna looked at me. I raised an eyebrow.

"Circle cast?"I offered.

"Well, we have the best sacrafice we could ever get our hands on."Said Luna, grinning.

I pulled the ritual candles from my pouch. Kira looked like a deer in the headlights.

"Pu....pu...please!!!"She gasped.

We burst out laughing, tears streaming down our cheeks, I had doubled over. Kira just looked confused and scared.

"!"I said inbetween giggles.

"I....hehe! know! she...totally fell....for it...a hahaaa!"Luna gasped back.

"What?"Said Kira, really confused.

"It's the prank we play on all fallen angels or new deamons!"I explained. She looked angry now.

"That was a very mean joke!"She snaped and stormed off. That just made us laugh harder. There was nothing funnier than a angry fallen angel!

The End

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