Daughter of CaspoanMature


I stared up at the two reapers and they stared back at me.

"So..... Why'd you fall?" One asks. "I'm Crimson by the way"

"I'm Luna" the other says.

"Umm, well I would have probably fallen anyway" I whisper. My wings are still wet against my back and I look back to flick the rain off lightly.

"Why so?" Luna asks.


Should I tell them? Well they'll probably find out anyway. "My full name is Kiranna Caspoan"

"OH MY GOD!!!" Crimson shouts. "You're the daughter of Caspoan" He luckily says the last part in a whisper.

"Yeah" I say blushing and looking at the floor.

"If your Caspoan's daughter why you fall?" Luna asks.

"Cause I saved a reapers life" I say nervously.

The End

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