Go Away You Drunken BastardMature

 As crimon and I sat swigging out Demon Blood Wine, I sighed. It was a good life. Most demons would bow to us two like they would bow for Lucifer himself. We were, as they saw it, the top of the heap. If you got to hang with Crimson and I without being challanged to a fight first, you were considered extremly lucky.

A drunken Demon stumbled into our booth. "Hello, pre'y Demons, how's abouts I show you a good time? Crimson looked disgusted, and ignored him. The drunk Demon began to run his hands over Crimson's bust and legs. I pushed him out of the booth roughly. "Go away now, you drunken bastard." I said softly.

"Aw don't be likes this, baby, I'll give it to you and your friend free...ACK!!" I pushed him up against the wall by his throat. I drew one of my daggers, and touched its point to his neck. "You touch her again, you'll die." I snarled. I let him down, and he slapped my arse. I turned round, to see him on the floor, and the bar manager, Alex, stood by him. Alex was also my half brother. My mother had had an affair with another demon, and given birth to Alex. He had his black hair tied up in a short ponytail, his yellow eyes glaring at the man on the floor.

"Thanks Alex. You're my guardian demon." 

"Hey, I'm not about to let my big sister get raped...without permission." he said, giving a wink before leaving. He went behind the bar, and grabbed the mega-phone. I groaned.Crimson and I were known for dancing in the bar, as well as singing with Alex. We were the dancing and singing act, The Bad Coyotes. My brother was thinking of signing us up to Hell's Got Talent.

"Hey everyone, the Coyotes are in the house!" he yelled. A few people howled, and cheered. Crimson groaned, and I sat back down. "Come 0n, we'll go flirt with some sober Demons afterwards." I said with a wink. Crimson shook her head, and gave a tiny giggle. Alex grabbed the mics, and pulled himself onto the stage. He handed a mic to me and Crimson, and grinned. He pointed to his DJ. He nodded, and put a CD in.

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND YOUR TO BLAME, YOU GIVE LOVE, A BAD NAME!!!!! Alex began, and Crimson and I joined in. It was My favorite song, 'You Give Love A Bad Name'. Best song ever, in my opinion.

The End

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