Rebel Reapers.Mature


I had just killed a human. She was 86 and was dying of lung cancer. She needed to die. And a Angel of Caspoan had gotten in my way. I had to kill it. Or her...Whatever it was.

Like my dear friend Luna, I am hunted, because I am after all a 'sin' Yeah right. Just because I'm the desendent of a pagan goddess doesn't mean I'm a sin! Thats just bullcrap!

Luna and I were on our way to collect the next soul, when another reaper rushed over to us.

"HEY!!!Luna, Crimson!"She yelled...It was Miran. "There's a party down below tonight! Wanna come?" Hmmm a party? I'm game.....

"Like at some ones house or at Rebel Reapers?"I asked.

"Well, duh! Rebel Reapers of course!!"She said, mockly shocked. I laughed.

"Maybe,  I'll see if mother can stop working me overtime!"I said, pondering. I wonder if she'd asked Lucifer? I'm hoping she wont. He's scary! I'm still suprised pagans all over the world named him 'The Hirned God.' HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HORNS!!! He's just supposedly has like antler sticking outta his head or something!!Gah!I've seen him! and he soooooo doesn't have antlers!

"Okay! PLEASSEEE BEG HER!"Pleaded Miran, then she disappered to go collect another soul.

"I'm so excited! I mean, we can ACTUALLY get into Rebel Reapers now were 18!! And we don't age a day!"Squealed Luna. I smiled.


When we arrived at Rebel Reapers, we were let in gladly, and one sort of bowed at us, like we were special. Which is kind of true, her geing half and half, me being a desendant of The Triple Moon Goddess. One thing I've always wanted to do, is go into a church with 666 tatooed on my forehead, a crown with the triple moon symbol on it and holding a want with pentegram on the end! I would love to see their faces! They'd probably burn me alive or something!

The loud, trance like beat, pounded in my ears. I grinned. Deamons, reapers and other hell-bound creatures were on the dancefloor. Luna pulled me towards a rather large booth, where Miran and some of our OTHER reaper friends were sitting.

"Hye, guys!"I cried, hugging each one of them in turn, as did Luna.

"Can I get you fabulas looking reapers a drink?"A waiter asked.

"Yeah! Um. Can I heave some...uhh....ah! Deamon Blood Wine?"I askedd. There was to much to choose from!

Once we'd finished the drinks we ordered. We all got up and moved toward the dancefloor.

Everyone was wear either very tight skinny jeans and a tank top or a micro mini dress. I was wearing skinny blood red jeans and a black tank top. We danced until we were panting for breath, then decided it was tie to go do our work again.

We don't get hungry much. Reapers eat, like, once a week. It's not much. It's how we stay so thin! And we reapers stop aging at 18. Lucky us! Also,  no other creatures except from angels, reapers and deamons can kill us. Oh and Lucifer and Caspoan. But they are like. Not deamons or angels. They are Gods.

So we walked out, and there standing right in front of us, was a Angel of Caspoan.

"ARGGGG!!"Luna screamed.


A important looking deamon came up to us.

"Hello, I am Alistar. This angel is not longer an angel. She is now a classified deamon."Then he walked off. My eye brows shot up.

"Um. Hi."I said in a astonished voice.

"Hello. I'm Kira."Her voice sunded like twinkling bells.

So, okay. there is a fallen angel in hell. What next, Caspoan is a pagan?

The End

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