Luna: IntroductionMature


I am the only one of my kind, I believe. My father was an Angel. My mother was Lucifer's right hand woman before she was killed. Some say she was his sister. When I was first born, Lucifer and Caspoan had sent an Angel and a Demon to fight for me. Both ended up dying, and I chose to go to Lucifer.

I am a Reaper, and I love it. If I were an Angel, my life would be kill, kill, rest, kill. I am a Reaper, and Lucifer will ask for an audience with me every Samhain, since I would be drawn to go Cospoan, and He did not want that.

I have long black hair that I have in a plait that reaches the bottom of my back. My skin is pale as bone, my lips as red as blood. My eyes have pupils black as death, and my irises glow brighter than embers. I stopped aginf at 18, and my appearance had stayed as such. You would most likely regonize me as I am more often than not wearing a red sleeveless top, black jeans, a belt with two daggers, no shoes, and I have a tattoo of a black heart with red demon horns and a tail curling round beneath it.

The End

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