Kira runs rain soaking her wings. She needs to excape them..... the Angels of Caspoan..... even though she's one of them.

Must run, That is her onlt thought. She's a betrayer of her kind. She found a Reaper and had allowed it to kill three humans.

She had defied Caspoan. Her long black hair that travel to her hips clung to her wings and back random stands flicking out now and then.

She vaulted a wall. It was raining to much to fly and this gave Kira the advantage. She was the fatest of all angels and she enjoyed the fact that they would not catch her if she continued to run.

But how long could she run? Her legs were aching and her right cheek was cut and bleeding heavily for the size it was. Her silver blood stuck to her cheek. It was sticky and heavy.

Something that should never be spilled.

Kira vaulted another wall and ducked down behind it. She heard running feet pass the wall and she sighed.

Then she looked up and met the eyes of a Reaper.

The End

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