Triple Moon reaper.Mature


I am a reaper. I am the decendant of the Triple Moon Goddess. Her only child. I am proud to be a reaper. I know the Angels of Caspoan will wipe us out one day. I want to live first. I want to do my duties.

Lucifer has sent out a message to us, The Orders of Lucifer. We must follow them. We need to live. The angels think we are cruel, because we have ti kill humans. But if we don't collect them, then what will happen to the Earths population? It would drastically overflow. There would be war over food and water and land. WE the the ones who stop that from happening! Were practically saving the Earth, every day. So when you think of reapers....don't think of us as the murderous kind! We save you and your precious lives, every day you live. And you get to keep that life, until it is time for us to collect it.

Long live Lucifer.

The End

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