"Hey" I call as we approach Gemini. They turn at the same time... now thats just freaky. "I was just wondering do you like Aries?"

They look at each other then laugh. "No one is friends with Aries and Illiana... more on good terms. Why?"

"Wondering which team" I say with a smile. The girl Gemini giggles and allows the male Gemini to wrap his arms round her.

"I'm Gem and this is Ini. We are Gemini of corse" She says kissing Ini's cheek. Sable lets his arm slide firmly round my waist.

"Well, I'm Ellie, or Saggitarius as everyone says I have to be called, and this is Sable" I say gesturing to me then him.

"Nice to meet you... Hey, do you know which pipe in the plumbing leads to Aries room" Sable asks calmly.

Ini laughs. "Of corse.... we'll help you play your prank but if caught we didn't" He says with a smile. He takes Gem's hand and heds off. I look at Sable then we follow. We travel for 5 minutes before Gemini stop in front of a pipe.

"There you go" Gem says giggling. "See you later" She pats my shoulder as she leaves as does Ini.

"The respect is bothering me" I mutter then look on the pipe. "Whats your plan?"

The End

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