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That is the first thing that comes out of my mouth the next morning as I blink and drag myself back to the world of the living.


That is the second - occurring as I bang my head on the bottom of Ellie's bed. How I managed to get under there I have no idea, but here I am and now my head hurts. Promising start to the day ... not. Ellie's tousled head appears over the rim of the bed, a sleepy smile on her face as she spots me.

"Morning." she says dreamily. "What are you doing under there?"

"Very good question. I have no idea." I said, slithering out from under the bed, blinking stupidly as I adjust to the bright sunlight coming in through the curtains.

"Blaaah." I hiss. "The light, it burns!"

Ellie sighs and throws her pillow at me. "What are you, a vampire?" she jokes.

I don't duck fast enough and end up with a face full of feather pillow. I glare and throw the pillow back at Ellie before wandering over to the window and peering out. Typically, it is another beautiful day. I'm beginning to wonder if the weather ever changes at all up here. I yawn drowsily and slink off to the small bathroom attached to Ellie's quarters. A quick wash and change of clothes later, and both of us drift out of the door into the sun.

"Right," I say. "First things first. Where's breakfast? Or do we have to catch it?"

"I think it'll be in the hall like last night." Ellie says. I grin mischievously.

"Does that mean I can catapult something at Illiana today? Preferably something sharp."

Ellie cuffs me playfully around the head as we enter the dining room. Once again, it's piled high with food, but for once it appears to be almost deserted. That is, aside from a couple of unfamiliar Zodiacs in the far corner. I peer at them closely, yes, I suspect they may be Gemini as neither show any sign of having a consort anywhere nearby. That and they're identical.

"More neighbours." I murmer. "Interesting... wonder whose side they're on. Shall we go and find out?"

The End

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