Night TimeMature


I shake my head. "We can't do anything now its too late. If we're discovered running around outside we'll be more than told off.... I think the penalty is split from your consort for a week" I whisper as I scoop some peas into my mouth.

"Ouch... well I don't want to deal with that... how about we start planing in our room?" Sable ask and this time his lips brush my ear.

I giggle and Jenna looks at me and raises her eyebrow. As does my father at the top of the table. "May I ask what is so funny, My daughter" Titan says calmly.

"Nothing Titan.... just a little inside joke" I say smiling at Sable and taking his hand and threading my finger through his.

"Well, I must say Sable was quite bizzy when you were on your task" Titan says. I giggle.

"Yes, I know" I say leaning into Sable. I hear Illiana scoff from across the table and turn to glare at her. "What is your problem?"

"What apart from the fact you are almost as bad as he is? Nothing" She snaps. I feel anger bubble inside me and flick my finger at her making the wind knock her chair back causing her to fall with it.

"Come on Sable" I say rising and pinning Aries with my eyes. "We obviously aren't wanted by some here"

Sable nods smiling at Illiana on the floor. He wraps his arm around me and kisses my neck as we walk out. When we go through the door I flick my fingers again making Aries  plate of food fly into his face.

"Did I tell you you're amazing?" Sable whispers.

"I don't know but its good to hear" I whisper smiling.

The End

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