Is It Rude to Plot at the Dinner Table?Mature


The first thought that hit me when I walked into the room was this: How the hell do they get so much food on one table?

I had never seen so much food in one place before. I peer at the table, wondering if they have concrete enforced table legs or a horde of little men underneath to hold it up. The food is piled up in mountains, if you could name the dish then it was there. Whole roast chickens, legs of lamb, exotic fruits, thousands of dips and spreads and a rather .... interesting ... number that I really didn't want to take a guess at. I don't think whatever tentacular creature that had ended up jellified on a plate would have appreciated me inquiring as to the size of it's head.

Ellie and I take a seat next to Capricorn and his consort - whose name I have finally discovered is Jenna. Another zodiac, one I don't know, takes a seat on our other side. I recognise the consort though, it's the nervous-looking Michael. Leo doesn't appear to have turned up yet, and Michael seems genuinely unnerved by the glares Illiana is giving him from across the room. I curl my lip in disgust, that woman truly is the most annoying creature on the face of the earth. I must be sure to include her in our plans....

A loud bell clangs, jerking me out of my reverie. Everyone in the hall gets to their feet as Titan strides in and takes a seat up near the head of the table. I keep my eyes down, not wanting to attract his attention. As much as I respect the old man, I really don't feel comfortable around him. Evidently I've heard one too many stories about men shooting people because they want to get off with their daughters. Next thing you know I'll be looking for shotguns.

Titan looks around the room before taking a seat, the rest of us following suit. Then, everyone seems to relax a bit, passing plates of food around and chatting idly amongst themselves. I chew the end of a chicken leg, a little suspicious at first, but seeing Ellie tucking in happily diffuses some of my mistrust and I too begin piling my plate with food.

"I think we're gonna like it here." I hiss in her ear. "Now, what shall we do about Mr and Mrs Uppity over there...?"

The End

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